Brand Profiling

    Orchestrating brands - emotionally, sensitively, successfully.

    Unisto is a leading company for brand profiling of branded products and the point of sale. Whether presenting watches, jewellery, eyewear, beverages, perfumes, fashion, textiles or other products, successful brands entrust their precious creations to us. We provide the complete solution from concept, design, engineering, production, quality control, worldwide logistics and individual services all under one roof. Our specialised teams create customised solutions which are realised in modern, state-of-the-art, certified manufacturing plants in Asia and Europe. Our product assortment includes displays, showcases, towers, boxes, casespresentation trays, letters, logos, watch holders, brand tags, price labels, guarantee cards, bottle seals, wax seals, product plaques, product talkers, tags, swing tickets, branded seals, woven labels, leather labels, brand promotion, garment covers and anything what is connected to your branded product. 

    Why Unisto

    The starting point is always the customer briefing. The customer determines the basic idea behind the initial design concept. A tailor-made concept is the basis for perfect solutions.

    Project Management
    Our comprehensive project management is all about continuous time planning, careful cost and quality control as well as transparent communication between all parties. Of course, the customer is involved at every stage of the project. Decades of experience have made Unisto an expert solutions provider.

    In close collaboration with the customer, our creative and technical designers orchestrate branding and products based on concept sketches, 3D designs and models. The feasibility of production and distribution is at the forefront of our consideration. Our designs bring customer requirements to life.

    Customised brand profiling solutions need corresponding production capabilities. That is why Unisto sets great store by its ability to choose between several development and production sites in Europe and Asia, always considering the most efficient and cost-effective way. Highly engaged quality teams permanently control the manufacturing process on-site and guarantee perfect products.

    Last but not least our logistic specialists ensure that all shipments reach their destination on time and in good condition.


    Unisto fulfills the requirements of current standards in various areas and is audited periodically by recognised and independent organisations. Unisto also demonstrates some of the following:

    • the high quality of its brand profiling products
    • the legal compliance of its processes and products 
    • the quality of the raw materials- its commitment to employee health and environmental protection
    • its commitment to employee health and environmental protection 
    • as well as the guarantee of high safety and quality standards 

    We would be pleased to provide you with any further detailed information. 



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