Environmental-friendly processes around the production of Unisto Security Seals

Environmental sustainable manufacturing

As international security seals manufacturer Unisto feels the responsibility to embrace environmental-friendly practices to reduce the impact of its processes on the environment.

That is the reason why since many years we are extending the green practices along the entire stretch of our value chain, expecting from our suppliers, for example, certified raw materials and packing conform to strict directives.

The efficient use of our resources is the main focus of our commitment to environmental responsibility. We would like to share with you some of our achievements directly connected to the production of our security seals: 

Energy recuperation

With the energy recovery from our production plants we cover 70% of our heating requirements. We save an annual heating oil requirement of approx. 34,000 litres and thereby reduce our CO2 emissions. 

Material used for the production of our security seals

We only use and process harmless materials and have their harmlessness and non-toxicity confirmed to us in writing by the suppliers. The confirmations are certainly always at the disposal of our customers. 

Production waste and recycling

We minimize all types of waste. If possible, we recycle them outside or within the company. Reusable waste is recycled and further processed.

Machines and production equipment

Energy savings is for us an important focus, we ensure that energy consumption is kept to a minimum and that radiation is compatible with the latest standards. 

Unisto’s commitment to the respect of the environment

We are keen on improving our products and processes, which drives us to continually seek for new solutions to preserve the environment with efficient manufacturing operations.

We are proud of our achievements and proud to providing you with high quality manufactured security seals, produced in respect of the environment.