• Unisto Sicherheitsplomben

    Highest requirements for the security of your goods: Unisto Security Seals 

The highest quality since 90 years- Unisto security seals

Unisto security seals provide indicative access control for all kind of goods in transit. Sealed containers, bags, duty-free trolleys, tote boxes, roll cages, fire extinguishers, exit doors, gas meters, water meters and electricity meters are protected from manipulation. Our wide range of pull-tight security sealsfix length sealspadlock seals, ISO 17712:2013 certified bolt sealselectronic seals, meter seals and tamper evident labels provide tamper evident control according to specific customer needs. Creativity and innovation constantly result in new security seal solutions, applying appropriate materials and procedures for market leaders in the Airline, Catering, Post and Courier Services, Banks/Cash in TransitChemicalUtilitiesTransport and Retail industries. Originality, security, value communication with our customers have been the cornerstones of Unisto’s achievements for nine decades.



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